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Scholarship & Mentorships

Florida State Florist Association Embraces Education

Each year,  FSFA  Awards to its' Members Two (2) Scholarships and up to Three (3) Mentorships during the Annual Convention.  2022 Scholarships and Mentorships will be awarded on: 

Sunday,  July 24, 2022 during the President's Gala and Awards Dinner.

Registration is now open!!!

 FSFA is pleased to announce the following Scholarships:

The  Jeanne Parsons Scholarship.

A scholarship in the amount of up to $1000. 


Jeanne Parsons 3/9/1927-10/29/88


The  William "Bill" Bobulinski Scholarship.

A scholarship in the amount of up to $1000 for the recipient to attend a class at Floriology Institute, Jacksonville, FL.  

William "Bill" Bobulinski 12/24/1965-11/15/2020 - Treasurer 2018-2020, Place in the Sun - State 2019

Additionally,  FSFA will also be awarding Three Mentorships and One Special Events Week Long Mentorship

This year, Deborah De La Flor AIFD CFD AAF PFCI , Ian Prosser AIFD CFD PFCI and Andreia Muller AIFD CFD FSMD have generously donated their time to mentor someone who is new to the industry or wishes to expand their knowledge.  The scholarship / mentorship program is one of the greatest benefits of membership in FSFA. Simply click on the upcoming event below next to the Scholarship event listing and submit your application by clicking the registration button. Registration is FREE.


New for 2022-2023~!!!

The Special Event Resource and Design Group Mentorship Week. 


This year, Rodrigo Vasquez (Varito) AIFD CFD FSMD FPCF and The Special Event Resource and Design Group are joining FSFA International to offer a week long mentoring program to one individual who is new to the industry or wishes to expand their knowledge in Special Events .  The Individual receiving this mentorship must be available for an entire week, Monday - Saturday and must be able to participate for one week between September 2022 and April 2023. Registration is FREE.

Here's what former recipients have to say:  

 "My life was dazzled winning the Jeanne Parsons Scholarship, This scholarship afforded me the opportunity to attend the 2016 AIFD Southern Convention, make more industry friends, continue my education and ultimately contributing to my dream. Scholarships are available for our advantage, but we must apply. Scholarships made a difference in my career path providing the necessary monetary help which allowed me the opportunity to create a better future' - Andreia Muller AIFD CFD FSMD

 "The FSFA mentor experience was a great way for me to gain some insight and hands on experience in the floral industry. Bob Tucker AIFD was a remarkable mentor who challenged me to grasp design concepts and understand how I can be successful in the business world. I am thankful for this experience and gained a lot of knowledge on how to pursue my future aspirations" - Ashley Brant CFD

 "The scholarship and mentorship which I have been very fortunate to receive through the FSFA, has really launched my success in the floral industry. Between meeting very supportive and talented florists and receiving money for education, I have achieved what some florists spend an entire career building for themselves. I have developed lifetime friendships with my mentors and it is a huge comfort to know that I can always count on them for support in all aspects of the floral industry. Thanks to FSFA I am growing a successful floral business" - Kristina Metcalf AIFD CFD

Gale West FSMD - Scholarship Chair

Ashley Brant  CFD  - Scholarship Chair Assistant 

Fill in the information below to make your donation to the FSFA Scholarship Program

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Registration will Reopen May 2023.  Scholarships and Memtorships To Be Awarded At Annual Convention 2023 in Jacksonville, Florida

FSFA is dedicated to the education and enrichment of our members within the association through the Jeanne Parsons Scholarship, The William "Bill" Bobulinski Scholarship and the Mentorships that are awarded on a yearly basis. The scholarship and mentorships are available to any FSFA member who meets the requirements listed herein. The scholarship and mentorships are awarded yearly at the Annual Convention during the President's Awards and Gala. The following have generously worked with FSFA  to provide quality education to our members:

AIFD Symposium/AIFD On-Line Courses

Floriology Institute - Jacksonville, Florida

YOLA GUZ's School of Floral Design - Miami Florida

Floral Design Institute - Portland, Oregon

Application Requirements:

1. Applicants Must be a member of Florida State Florists' Association for at least 6 months prior to applying for a scholarship or mentorship. Applicants can be a store owner, freelance designer, employee of an FSFA Member in good standing or must be engaged in a floral related industry.  The Applicant must be 18 years of age or older. If an employee of a member shop is applying, they must pay for and maintain their own membership before applying. 

2. Must have full registration to the Annual Convention.

3. May not have received a Scholarship in the previous year. Recipients of a mentorship are eligible to apply for the Scholarship.   

4. Must submit their application no later than _______July, 2023. Additionally, applicants must have three letters of recommendation to present to the Scholarship Committee at the time of interview. 

5. Applicants will be notified by ________, 2023 as to the time and location of their interview.

6. Upon acceptance of a Scholarship,  recipient must notify the Scholarship Committee within 30 days of the intent of the Scholarship. If intent of uses of the scholarship is not stated within the 30 days, the Scholarship is forfeited.  All registrations for such will be made by FSFA. Unused portions of funds may be applied to additional programs only with the approval of the Scholarship Committee. Scholarship may not exceed the monetary value of the award.

The Jeanne Parsons Scholarship may NOT exceed $1000.00 

William "Bill" Bobulinski Scholarship may Not exceed $1000.00 

7. Upon Acceptance of a mentorship, recipient must notify the Scholarship Committee within 60 days the date the mentorship will take place.  If the date of the mentorship is not established within the 60 days, the Mentorship is forfeited.  The recipient will be reimbursed by FSFA for the following:

A. Gas receipts dated during the time frame of the mentorship.

B. Meal receipts dated during the time frame of the mentorship.

C. Lodging receipts dated during the time frame of the mentorship.

D. All receipts must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee with in 10 days of the completion of the mentorship. Reimbursement will be made within 30 days by FSFA to the recipient after receiving said receipts.

Mentorship Expenses may NOT exceed $300.00

8. Scholarships and Mentorships Must be completed before the Annual Convention the following year.  

9. Recipients must volunteer at Mid-Season, Annual Convention or an FSFA sponsored event and help raise funds for future recipients. 

9. All decisions of the Scholarship Committee are Final.

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