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We are pleased to provide Florida State Florists Association's Professional Certified Florist program.

 The  Program consists of nine online courses, and three Live classroom courses. All twelve courses must be completed and the tests successfully passed to attain the Certification. Each course can be taken as a separate course and is paid for one at a time.

 The online courses are;

 'Flower Shop Delivery Concepts'

'Care and Handling of Cut Flowers and Foliages'

'Advertising, Promotions, Marketing and Public Relations'

'The Art of Effective Visual Merchandising'

'Principles of Design'

'Employee Relations'

'Customer Relations'

'Concepts of Care and Handling of Foliage and Flowering Plants'

'Daily Business Procedures'

 Each Will Cost $50.00

The Hands on Live Courses are:

'Current Design Styles & Techniques'  Hands on live " Current Design Styles Registration

'Wedding Design Techniques'  Hands on live "Wedding Design Techniques" Registration

'Funeral Design Styles and Techniques'  Hands on live "Funeral Design Styles & Techniques" Registration

Each will Cost $125.00


The live Courses will be scheduled to be held in conjunction with the Mid-season  and Annual Conferences and will be posted here when scheduled.

After passing each course a certificate of completion of the individual course will be issued to the student.

Once a member enrolls in the process and becomes a student, they will have a three year time frame to complete all of the courses and the final testing.

 To begin your certification process you must first send your request to participate along with your name, address, Shop, e-mail address, and phone number to the email address below and be a member of Florida State Florists' Association.

 After you register the program administrator will  verify your membership, set  up your student account, notify you of your account information  and login.

 For Further information and Registration send to this e-mail address: 


 Once Registered you may:

 Login Here


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